Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A few things this guy has been saying lately that I don't want to forget:

Love it when this kid says elevator,  instead it's a "elegator".
He's quick to tell me when Micah has "spit out". (spit up)
We use the microphone to warm up our food from time to time.
Every morning I hear repeatedly, "Mommy I want brefest"

We've been doing a little school a few days each week and he's in LOVE with it.  I have to force myself to plan something because I know he's going to ask.  At breakfast one day last week you would have heard this:
Calvin "What are we going to do in "Kool" today?"
me "We're going to do lots of things today."
Calvin "Is it like a "prise" (surprise)
me "yes sort of like a surprise
Calvin "YEA it's like Christmas"

So far we've been working on some cognitive skills I've noticed he loves or things he needs to work on a bit like knowing his shapes, patterning and getting closer to learning to read. One of the most exciting parts of school for me has been starting scripture memory with him. I found this awesome website where this woman has put verses to tunes you'd recognize so that it's easier to learn, she has coloring pages and other activities you can use for readers and kids who are writing.

I wish I had that same desire for learning, its pretty fun to watch him get excited over what he is learning. The second Marvin get's home he's telling him all about school that day. We're also about to embark on a local preschool, which is a post in itself, right now 90% of me is terrified, but know it's the right direction. Even though he'll be going to a local preschool a few days a week, I still will do some school with him. Who knows how this reading thing will go once he starts school, since its different alphabet here that he'll be learning in the local school. Anyone had any experience with duel language learners and reading?


Terri H said...

Link to the scripture website??

Erica said...

Sorry forgot to add the link. It's now there.

Jamie said...

Erica, you're my hero!! Good job on the schooling and being brave about sending Calvin to preschool.

The DeWeese Trio said...

Love the link. Thanks for sharing!