Monday, January 10, 2011

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Christmas 2010
in pictures

I'm pretty sure this is our last Christmas morning where we get to sleep in.  We had a little Christmas Eve worship time with friends and stayed out late, so Calvin was SUPER tired and slept until 9:30, his gift to us!  Micah woke up smiling and ready for his first Christmas, shortly after that!  It was beautiful.

We started the day by opening stockings. Marvin's mom made all of them and I just LOVE them. (Thank you so much Kathy!)  It's so fun to have things made by family, especially around Christmas!

 Calvin loved opening his stocking, although Christmas morning is a little overwhelming still.
 showing of his play food
 hooray for Kinder eggs
 Micah got some necessary local winter wear, tights.
After we finished opening stockings we read our last reading for our Jesse Tree
My mother-in-law made this sweet advent calendar; it was the perfect place to put our Jesse tree ornament each day.

Calvin hanging up the last ornament.  I'm so glad we did this; it's going to be a part of our yearly Christmas tradition.  I hope to work on making some more permanent ornaments for next Christmas, as well as a better Jesse tree.
After our Bible time we sang a few carols then it was time for presents.  This year we didn't have to shop for any Christmas presents, Marvin's parents brought a ton of gifts for Calvin and we already had a few things for him that we picked up earlier in the year.  It was such a blessing as he was sick, sick, sick before Christmas and we wouldn't have had time to shop together.
 He was pretty cautious with the wrapping paper at first, but quickly got into ripping the paper off.
After presents we enjoyed some homemade donuts and my favorite tea of the moment, Christmas mystery.
Our language teacher called to see if we were home, so she came by to meet Micah and of course we had to have her taste a few of our Christmas treats.   
We wrapped up the day by a nice Christmas dinner, and then skyping with our family.  We saved decorating cookies for the next day because we just plain ran out of time.

Calvin enjoyed putting M&Ms on his cookies.

We were able to take cookies to our neighbors after they dried.  It was a fun time and we are glad that we were able to share some our traditions with those who live around us.

I think I enjoy Christmas more and more each year, we certainly had some sweet memories this year, we hope you did too!

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Michelle said...

I'm interested to hear about your Jesse tree...what exactly do you do?