Saturday, October 16, 2010

Table of 4

We are now offically a family of 4, Micah Hudson was born October 13th at 8:24 pm.  So far things seem pretty normal, although we are still adjustmenting, but we're only on day 3.  His arrival means that all three of our boys have birthdays withing a week of each other.  October is going to be a fun month of celebrating for our family in years to come.

There is something mezmerising about staring at a newborn.  I feel like I need to record all Micah's little squeaks, yawns, wrinkly forehead expressions because they'll be gone before we know it.  I absolutely love the newborn stage, even if it does mean a little less sleep, which btw I'm feeling more refreshed in the morning than when he was in my belly.

It's funny how your second baby is a little more relaxed.  We had to laugh about how we would set our alarm with Calvin and wake up every 3 hours to feed him.  Our first night home, Marvin looked at me and asked if we wanted to set the alarm, and we both decided to let him wake us up.  Turns out babies let you know what they want and when, plus we got a little more sleep.  I've also had to say things like this, "no swinging the bat around your baby brother." (We've also implemented some new bat rules.)  "That's really sweet of you to share your grapes with Micah but for now Micah only drinks milk."

Right now our little Micah is tucked into the fetal position, nestled on my chest, sleeping in his prefered position.  He's just a head tilt away from a kiss, there's something so sweet and precious about holding a sleeping baby. 

So far here are our first impressions of you Micah:

  • You love to be held.  I'm sure we'll get to the point where you'll sleep great in your bassinet, but until then we'll enjoy having you in our arms.
  • You have serious little faces.
  • You have been very alert and we've been surprised at how long you'll just stare at the world around you.  This morning I thought you were like a little Professor observing and soaking up this new place.
  • You must have really enjoyed your hands in my belly.  Because they certainly bring you much comfort.  Now if only you can remember where you put them.
  • You're not a fan of being swaddled, you prefer those hands to be accessable.
  • You're getting louder everyday, and we're slowly figuring out what each cry means.
  • You're big brother loves to help you, and  you don't seem to mind his help. You also don't mind how loud he is, and can sleep through some serious play time.

It's been a fun 3 days and we're so thankful you're in our lives.

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Leah said...

He is beautiful Erica! I hope you guys are all adjusting well...I felt on the verge of craziness for a few weeks after Claire was born...but it's so worth it! Congratulations!!