Sunday, October 10, 2010

2 + 1 = 3

Calvin.  As I look back over this last year it's been such a gift to watch you grow and become a little boy.  You've learned so much this past year and you always amaze us at how observant you are.  You truly soak up the world around you, and you astound us by how determined you are to figure things out on your own.  I cannot believe you've gone from this

To this, in just one year!

One day you started talking and haven't stopped since.  We love hearing what is going on inside that brain of yours.  Even though your endless questions are exhausting some days we're thankful for your inquisitive spirit.

We just love your sweet personality.  You are completely lovable and love your tender heart.  Your kisses and hugs have gotten sweeter throughout this past year.  We love all our little games and laughing about silly things with you.
I love how the world around you captivates you.  You can spend hours hunting for snails, watching ants, picking berries, or finding the perfect stick.  Thank you for reminding us to take time to notice these things God has created.
You are a gift to our family and we are so blessed to care for you.  We pray that this next year you will understand more about your creator, and savior  We also pray that you will embrace the role of a big brother and that Father grows your love for your baby brother.  We cannot wait to watch you grow, learn and discover new things this next year.
We love you so much.
Mom & Dad

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