Saturday, October 30, 2010

Close Ups

Oh how I wish so many of you could meet this little man in real life.  I'm very excited that part of our family will get to hold him in only a few more hours.  There are times my heart wishes for you to be able to touch his smooth skin, hear his little squeaks, grunts and cries, for your lips to kiss his wrinkly forehead, and to hold him while he sleeps. 

He's growing too quickly I'm afraid, part of me wishes he would stay itty bitty forever, gone are the loose skin on his knees, his little legs are plumping up, a sign he's eating well.  While he's growing daily I'll enjoy this little season while he is still tiny and savor his sweetness.

So because many of you cannot wrap your arms around him here a few pictures of Micah in action.

I often find him sleeping like this.  I think it's pretty sweet, like he's almost saying "please don't wake me up."

Calvin calls this his pirate eye.  Love that one eyed yawn.
Well hello world!  Love that wrinkled forehead, it's perfectly kissable.
Squirming in his sleep
Doing a little stretching
Before a big yawn.

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Amanda said...

Eek! He's so cute!