Friday, October 29, 2010


These first 2 weeks have been filled with lots of adjustments and Mr. Micah is just the sweetest little thing. We all have enjoyed getting to know him.
When Micah was 4 days old Marvin came down with a nasty little bug that wiped him out for a few days. During this time the reality that we had 2 little boys hit hard. Thankfully Micah was such a sweet and easy baby during this time, and Calvin was on his best behavior! That certainly was a HUGE blessing. Thankfully the little bug left our home without infecting anyone else.

We traveled to the consulate and applied for Micah's passport, his birth certificate and social security number. We were amazed when his passport was delivered 3 days later. (AMAZING and an answer to prayer.)

picture that will represent Micah in his passport for the next 5 years
first ferry rides
 We moved to a different apartment. We've enjoyed a better view and I certainly have enjoyed the perks of this apartment. I feel like I'm living the high life with a dryer and a dishwasher.
We're ready for Marvin's parents to arrive. Meals are planned, freezer is stocked, and plans are ready to tour this city once they get here.

I'm making a quick trip out of country today, returning early tomorrow morning. I'm headed to Sofia Bulgaria to renew my visa, it will be my first international trip where I haven't already been to the country before without Marvin. I'm praying that Micah will be a good little traveler. Thankfully I won't need to bring much since my trip is very short, like 12 hours short! I should return just in time to get a few things finished before Marvin's parents and brother arrive.

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