Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Seasons of Life

This season of life that we are in is so much fun. There are some days when I just want to capture all of Calvin's sounds so I can remember the little patter of his feet and all of his babbling. Another fun part of this season is that our friends are starting families too. Last week we were able to have one of Marvin's high school friends and his family over for dinner. We were able to meet their sweet little guy. It's fun to think that Calvin will have some fun playmates to grow up with. What a blessing!
Our little Calvin is now a toddler in my eyes, since he is toddling everywhere. I have been able to nurse him for his first year of life and over the past month and a half we have been cutting feedings and now he is down to his bedtime feeding. After this weekend his nursing days are finished. I will miss that sweet time with him but I am ready for the freedom it will bring. I am thankful that I was able to give him the nourishment and love through nursing him his first year of life.
Other changes in our house include the life without a pacifier, YIKES! Yep Calvin turned a year and I decided before we even gave him a pacifier that around a year we would take it away. Honestly I am not looking forward to it, I love how I can just put him down with his pacifier and he'll fall asleep on his own, or how it makes road trips much more pleasant for a little boy who hates the car seat. It really is beautiful, and I am thankful for the comfort this little piece of plastic has given him. I know we'll have a couple of rough days but it needs to be done, since he's not a baby anymore. So "my friends" (borrowing John McCain's line) does anyone have any ideas on how to do it? Right now we are torn between the cold turkey method or cutting a little bit back at a time. This little change will most likely take place in the next couple of weeks so we need your help. We'll keep you guys posted on how it's going.


Marie said...

This may be a stupid idea (Addy is a thumbsucker, so we never had a pacifier with her) but could you substitute a favorite stuffed animal as a "lovie"? Just something to comfort him....

Sandie said...

My sister's husband took their son to the bridge over the Arkansas river and let him "give" his pacifier to the fishes. With our youngest, we had a celebration and made a big deal of putting the blanket and pacifier in a special box on a shelf in the closet because she was a "big girl" and didn't need them anymore. She was able to take them down and look at them anytime she wanted to, and didn't really need that but a couple of times.