Thursday, October 30, 2008

Charlie Brown or Karate Kid?

A couple of weeks ago I posted how we had been discussing Halloween in our house. I appreciate the comments you gave me, here's what we decided.

We were talking about it again and then Marvin shed some great light on the topic. This is what he said, "Maybe we are looking at it from the wrong perspective, this whole time we have been talking about the reasons why it would be okay or not, maybe we should look at it like this: Does it glorify God." What great insight. So our church will host an even called light up the night tomorrow night at a family's house and we are going to go and hopefully be able to share our faith while we are there. It really is a cool event that gets people who are already out who might not normally go to church or take their kids to a church function there will be a lot of games and a story time where the truth will be presented. We are meeting people where they are at, how cool is that.

So we might dress Calvin up as Charlie Brown but I still have to find a yellow shirt somewhere. I haven't had any successes so far. I am going to try Old Navy today, we'll see if we are successful. If this fails I have a karate uniform I got in a lot of clothes I bought off of craigslist, I know it's really random, but it will work. Check our blog tomorrow to see what Calvin is wearing.

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Lacey said...

Erica- try a screen printing business, in Emporia I would go to Mike's or Jocks Nitch, to find a plain solid color tee shirt for Calvin. They are usually less than 10 dollars.