Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Year and Lovin' It

Calvin had his one year check up on Thursday and seems to be a healthy little boy. PTL for that, I am glad we've only had a few minor health issues this first year. He weighed in at 20.5 lbs. and 29 inches long. He is in the 10-15% for his age, poor boy isn't going to be tall like his daddy. I am convinced the reason why he doesn't weigh very much is because he doesn't stop moving until he falls asleep. I find it pretty interesting that most people we meet say he looks like a big baby, my theory is that he is short and has chubby cheeks.

Calvin can eat so much, but recently has turned his nose at previous favorites like sweet potatoes, peas and carrots. Yesterday he just moved all his diced sweet potatoes to the side of his tray, last week he ate them like they were going out of style. At least he didn't throw them off like he does his carrots, which doesn't make this mama very happy. Let the discipline begin!

I chatted with the doctor about his problems with whole milk and he put my mind to ease that I wasn't under nourishing my child by giving him soy milk. So we will continue to spend an outrageous amount of money every week on soy milk for our sweet little guy. Can't wait till his digestive system can handle milk. But good news I noticed that Wal-mart carries their own brand of soy milk which is a bit cheaper than the kind I have been buying. Now does this mean I actually have to go to Wal-mart? We will see if we actually buy it there or decide it is worth the extra 27 cents to buy it at Dillons. I have no idea what we will do when we go back to CA, I haven't seen it in the city we lived in, but let's cross that bridge a little later.

Here's a video of my favorite sounds in the whole world right now.


Lacey said...

There is also a Best Choice brand of Soy Milk that is good also and not as expensive as Silk. I get it at Reebles here in Emporia. I am not sure where you can get Best Choice in Wichita.

Lacey said...

I had to take Harper to the Dr. yesterday, she will be one on 12/5. She is 20.5lbs and 29inches. How funny!

Marvin, Erica and Calvin said...

That's really funny