Friday, December 07, 2007


We finally got a picture of him grinning! The live version is so much better, so hopefully we will try to catch that one on video soon.
It's hard to believe that Calvin will be 2 months on Monday. As I was holding him this morning I was overcome with thankfulness that he has come into our lives. It's amazing how much sweeter our life is now. Children certainly are a blessing.
Other news is that we are moving to a new apartment on Monday. The family whose apartment we are staying at is coming back shortly after Christmas, and since that is a busy time of year we will switch before the holidays. It is a much nicer place but we are so close to everything we need here, we have a grocery store right next door and another one a 1/2 block away. I am sure there are plenty of stores around the new apartment, but we will just have to do a little exploring to find them. This move will also help us see how much stuff we have to lug back to Nin, yikes! Thankfully we will have one flight under our belts with Calvin before we have to return home with lots of luggage. Traveling with children certainly adds a lot more to think about.
We are excited to get a few Christmas decorations. We only brought our stockings, so we will have to buy a few things to get our surroundings in the Christmas spirit. We are hoping to go to IKEA sometime next week to find a few things. I can't wait, plus I love IKEA so it's a great reason to have to go browse. There is a new mall next to the IKEA and we have been told it is pretty nice. Marvin actually suggested going there, I was shocked since he isn't a shopper. I think he was just thinking of places where we could go.
That's about all that is new in our world. It's I was hoping to make it out of a walk a couple of days this week, but it's been raining alot. Apparently this area needs the rain, so we will bear with the weather.

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Sherry said...

2 Months!! He's so big and adorable! We had a friend over for dinner the other night-he just got back from 2 years in the Peace Corps in Macedonia. They made a few trips to Istanbul and I was so jealous! That place is beautiful. He said it was one of the neatest places he'd visitied.