Friday, December 21, 2007

Slow Sleeper

Ready for Bed

Well Calvin is now sleeping in a real crib! He hasn't outgrown his bassinet, but we moved and the place we moved to already had a crib, so why move a big bassinet when it was unnecessary. The first time we put him in it he looked so tiny, now I am used to the sight and it is normal.

Lately it has been pretty chilly in the apartment, so I have bundled him up at night. Last night he wore a onesie, a thin sleeper, a sleep sack with the ends closed so that they covered his fingers(Marvin likes to call this his dress), his fleece sleeping bag, I wrapped him up in a warm blanket and topped him with a hat. I did the same thing tonight as it was pretty cold again today. At least I don't have to worry that he isn't warm enough.

Lately he has been having trouble going to sleep at night. We have tried a lot of different things but most of the time it seriously is a 2 hour ordeal getting him into deep sleep. I don't know why but he can be asleep for any length of time and if we stand up or walk into his room, his peepers pop back open and out come the cries. At least he sleeps well once he finally falls asleep, we are defiantly thankful for that. Hooray for sleep!!!

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