Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chilly Morning Thoughts

WHOO HOO Calvin has fallen asleep much earlier the last two nights, which means we get to bed earlier too!! This morning he woke up around 6:00 and he did two of my very favorite things.

1. When he had had enough to eat he smiled and fell asleep for about 5 minutes. This is my favorite snuggle time with him.

2. Once he woke up he immediately started smiling and talking. It always is much more pleasant to start my day off with a happy baby.

Once he woke up we headed out to the living room but found it was pretty chilly so I grabbed his jacket rather than get him dressed. I just think it is hilarious that the makers of children clothing figured out how us crazy adults just can't resist dressing our children like animals. Just put a couple of ears on a hat and we think it is the cutest thing.
Yesterday brought some disappointing & discouraging news. Apparently the guy who is working on Calvin's document is now on vacation until January 10th and his document is not finished. Marvin and I were both pretty bummed and frustrated with the way the system works back in Nin. I have found myself getting so mad when I think about how long it has taken. Father is definately pointing out some areas where I need to expand my faith. We also found out that our colleagues can't join us for a meeting here at the start of the year. What a bummer, we were really looking forward to seeing them.
On top of that I had to go back to the dentist to get a cavity filled. I seriously hate the dentist, mainly the sound or taste of metal not the actualy person. He gave me a pretty strong shot because half of my face was not functioning for a few hours. It was some strong stuff because I couldn't blink and I had to work really hard at closing my left eye. As I was paying the bill I realized that it was going to be tricky telling the taxi where I needed to go. The taxi cab driver must of thought I was crazy or something because I couldn't pronounce the letter "r" to save my life and unfortunately there are a few in our address. Once I got back home I met our neighbor, with half of my face drooping I informed her that I was sorry but I only speak English. Marvin and I had a good laugh about the whole situation and thankfully feeling was restored to my face a couple hours after I got home.
On a more positive note we leave on Wednesday for the sea We have a meeting we have to go to and we are really looking forward to a change of scenery and also the chance to do something. We are even more excited to see some really good friends there. Wednesday can't come soon enough.

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