Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2 Months Already

It's crazy how time flies, we can't believe Calvin is already 2 months old. The bottom picture Calvin is wearing the outfit he wore when we took him home from the hospital. It was very baggy then and now it fits perfectly.
We had a doctor's appointment today and he seems to be growing and developing fine. We are still concerned about his stomach problems as his stomach continues to be distended. The last appointment the doctor told me it was okay to eat dairy products but I could tell it made a difference so I stopped. The doctor agreed with me this time but encouraged me that this should go away once he gets more mobile. (I can't wait for a nice cold glass of milk, it's going to be heavenly!) We came away with a few suggestions that we hope will help him get rid of this gas.
Drum roll are his 2 month stats:
11 lbs & 23 inches.
Our little guy is growing like crazy!
We moved yesterday and we almost have everything unpacked. Even though we won't be here too much longer (we hope) it is nice to not live out of a suitcase. Our new place is beautiful and has much better lighting which always perks you up. We look forward to getting out and exploring the area a bit. It has been beautiful the past couple of days, light jacket weather. It seems weird that Christmas is just around the corner when it is this warm out, but we will enjoy this weather while we can.


Sherry said...

He is too cute. That little smile must melt your heart.

David Wooten said...

How soon can he be ready for a game of Settlers?!?