Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Where are we?

Well Marvin and I have been finding little parks to sit in and enjoy the beautiful weather here. I took along some language material to study and quickly found out that flash cards are a bad idea when it is windy. Marvin was great at helping me run after the ones that had escapes my reach. But the weirdest thing happened when we were going home. We actually stood in a line and waited for the bus to take us home. We were shocked to see that people waited for their turn. After living in a place where it is survival of the pushiest it was certainly a beautiful sight.


lucas d said...

That is beautiful!!! yea-for making it another week! Keep posting...I"m getting ancy...and I'm sure you're not:) (this is sherry by the way, i'm too lazy to switch the sign-in deal:)

The Jetsons said...

Great view!!

We think of you guys often!

I think we spent some time with our friends whose apartment you’re staying in while you’re down south. They were fun and we learned a lot.

We're off the farm now and buying our time waiting to get over. Soon we hope!

I started working on our Blog last night but have a long way to go.

Keep us up on the progress of that little guy. We look forward to his arrival!!

Glad to here that you are able to get out and about now.

The Jetson’s