Thursday, October 25, 2007

They're Here!

My parents and sister arrived Tuesday and we have enjoyed their company. Right now they are out checking out a little region close to our house. We took a little stroll down the the weekly market this morning and they enjoyed all the new sights and sounds. It has been a little rainy the past couple of days, but it is suppose to clear off tomorrow so we will be ready to hit the more tourist geared areas of town once the rain stops.

Grandpa got to hold Calvin first, but only because he made it to the door first. Grandma quickly swept him away as soon as she walked in. My sister has mananged to hold him a bit, but only because we place him in her arms.

Amazingly they made it here with all their suitcases and boxes still in tact. Last night we opened all of the baby things everyone sent. Let's just say our cup is overflowing right now. We appreciate everything everyone had taken the time to send. Calvin is certainly going to be warm and well dressed! It took over an hour to look through everything people had sent. We had a lot of fun looking through all the sweet clothes and we can't wait to read all the books.

This morning my mom helped me sort things into sizes. Here are a couple of pictures of the piles of clothes. We are certainly blessed. I hope to get some good pictures posted of Calvin with his Grandpa, Grandma & Aunt in the next few days.

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Sherry said...

Yeah!! So glad they're there! How exciting for you. Do you know if my package made it to them in time? Just making sure-I was a bit last minute with it:). Hope you're having a great time!!