Sunday, October 14, 2007

He has Stolen our Hearts

We have been blown away at how this little tiny baby can just capture our hearts. It truly is a blessing to get to hear all of his squeaks and little noises. We have enjoyed getting to know him these first couple of days after his birth. He still remains pretty tired most of the time and we have had to set an alarm at night to wake him up to eat, I am sure this won't last long. Last night he woke up 2 times right around the time the alarm went off, but it still took a while for him to wake up enough to eat!

We have also decided he is our little koala bear. He certainly is a snuggler and will curl right up on your chest and tuck his little legs ups and grab on with his arms. It's pretty sweet and both of us have enjoyed our cuddle time with him.

The first picture I posted is of Calvin getting ready for his first outing to the hospital. We wrapped him up in a blanket, caught a taxi and we were off to the hospital. The end of Ramadan was Friday and it is a big holiday here, so Saturday everything was dead. The hospital was down to only essential personnel, so it made it a bit tricky making an appointment for next week, but we were blessed to run into a pro basketball player from America who was at the hospital with her translator and they helped us communicate. He is good to us.

His doctor's exam went well. He has a bit of yellow tinge in his face, this is not found on the rest of his body and the test results came back negative for jaundice. He dropped down to 6lb. 6oz. which the doctor said was normal. We were reassured talking to her about how he was doing and had a great chance to ask her a few questions. We are very thankful to have such great medical care here. We go back again on Thursday and hope to find out the results of some test in a week.

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