Sunday, October 18, 2015

Time to play catch up

Wow it’s already October and I haven’t updated this blog since July, my longest blog break ever.  I guess it’s time to do something about it.   

Our transition back home with 4 kids has been busy.  We hit the ground running and haven't stopped yet.  Marvin dove back into work and is trying to get things into motion to start up a new business. 

I had a couple of weeks to get unpacked, and ready for school to start, then it was back to school drop offs and pick-ups, helping with homework, squeezing in homeschool supplements when we are able,  chasing around a busy toddler and taking care of the needs of a baby, Russian study and finding time to get together with friends.

I can see why this little space has gotten a little dusty. Stay tuned for lots of posts in the coming weeks.

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