Sunday, October 18, 2015

Flying with 4

Well our first flight with 4 children was quite the adventure.

We tried to be as prepared as we could before we left because we knew it would be a circus getting checked in, through security etc, because with three it was a circus and we just added another one. 

Since Drew wasn't born when we booked our tickets we had to add him to our flight plan after he was born.  Despite the fact that we had called and Marvin went to the airport a week ahead of time to double check, and both told him that everything looked good, when we got to the airport nothing was in the system for Drew.  We watched the minutes tick as we waited for them to figure it out.  It was so frustrating, and an hour and a half later we had boarding passes for all of us, but only for our first flight. 

The Lord answered our prayer, that we'd make our flight and there was no line at passport control or security so we quickly made our way to our gate and immediately handed over our boarding passes and got on the plane.  We had to repeat the fun process in Amsterdam and Atlanta. (Thankfully the return flight, the helpful people in Minneapolis got it straightened out and we had boarding passes for all of us on all our flights.)

If that wasn't stressful enough getting that figured out.  Judah decided to fill his diaper as we were making our way to the runway to take off in Amsterdam.  It takes forever to climb to cruising altitude on those long flights and about 15 minutes after take off Marvin desperately asked the flight attendant if he could go to the bathroom because the seat belt sign still was not turned off.  It was bad.  I'm pretty sure Marvin was cleaning Judah up for 20 minutes.  He was in there forever.

Judah wasn't feeling great on our flight to America.  After a week in childcare sharing germs from all over Central Asia he came down with a cold.  By the time we boarded our long flight he had a fever.  Thankfully he slept half that flight and the Lord provided an empty seat next to Marvin, so Judah ended up with his own seat.  Which was a big blessing on an 8 hour flight.

Unfortunately our landing was a bit rough, and Judah got sick.

So our trip started with a diaper explosion and ended with puke.  Which pretty much sums up how it went.  Drew traveled like a champ.  Micah melted down a couple of times, due to sheer exhaustion.  The last one was as we were waiting to board for our flight to KC, he was so exhausted.  Calvin did pretty well but was so tired by the time we landed in Atlanta.

But we made it.  Thankfully our flight back home was much better.  And the Lord provided a seat for Judah on both our long haul flights.  I cannot imagine how terrible that flight would have been if he didn't have his own seat.

Thankfully that trip is behind us.  I don't look forward to doing it again.  Hopefully by the time we have our next big trip Judah will be entertained by something for more than 1 minute.

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