Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kansas Culture Lessons

Marvin’s brother’s family always heads to the Kaw Valley Rodeo every year.  They invited us to tag along this year.  The boys hadn’t been to a rodeo before and neither had I.  It was a learning experience and it turned out to be a beautiful night.

Drew slept right through it, with this hottie.

And as we parked, the car beside us turned out to be a friend I went to grad school with.  How fun is that.

Their favorite event of the night was the monkey who rode a dog and rounded up some goats.  It was certainly entertaining. 

We realized how we need to teach them a few things about American culture that they don’t get overseas, like standing for the national anthem or a flag passing by.  But I’m glad they could get a little taste of Kansas culture this summer.

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