Thursday, October 30, 2014

How we Camp: 2014 edition

Because we are crazy and because we promised our kids we’d take them camping this year and because they would not stop asking about it, we carved time out and spent the weekend out in cabbage country right before our move.

This area is famous for cabbage and it’s abundant.  I love seeing all the little summer home gardens with fields full of cabbage.  (And if you think summer home sounds glamorous think shack, no running water, electricity or gas and you get to use an outhouse.)

We found a great spot, with a water source nearby to help rinse dishes.

Here’s how we roll when we family camp.  Air mattresses, potty tent, and a schedule for the cooking.  Which means you don’t have to do it all, which is nice.

Our boys were in heaven.  The older boys brought their cool gadgets like their knives, and were kind enough to make a few arrows for Calvin.  He wore his bow the whole weekend.

Micah decided to dig one day, no reason at all, but he dug for over an hour.  As happy as can be.

We took a little hike as a family.  Micah did such a great job he said his little legs were tired but he kept on going.

AND we spotted fresh bear tracks.  Exciting!  Yet sort of freaky at the same time.  Our area isn’t known for having much wildlife.  But the bee keepers we met down the road told us they had spotted a few this summer.  (yes it’s normal to meet bee keepers, and shepherds, and guys cutting hay by hand.)

We decided to try a cookie over the campfire one night.  I wasn’t impressed, it tasked very smoky.  I’m not a fan of smoky cookies.  We probably won’t try that again.  Thankfully I brought brownies too just in case.

Marvin hiked up the big hill one afternoon with a friend and made it to the top.

Judah was fond of his first camping trip and was pretty flexible when it came to napping, but he was one tired baby the next couple of days.

Then we tore down and headed home, ready to pack up our house and move 4 days later

This is usually how the ride home looks like.

Camping tends to help kids sleep very well.

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