Monday, October 20, 2014

Calvin's Ninja Turtle Pary

The last party in birthday week was Calvin’s.  He wanted a ninja turtle party this year.  We also invited a very of his classmates.  I was so relieved to see a few of them show up.  PTL.  We had 6 local friends and 2 other American kids.

We sent invites with Calvin to school and then invited the girls who are in his class that live in our building.  I have no idea if that is what we were supposed to do but it’s what we did.

I had lots of activities planned and I am glad a few of the rambunctious kids were late because I’m not sure I could have survived 2 hours with some of them.

So we colored throwing stars when the kids first arrived, and decorated masks that we used for pin the mask on Donatello.

We played toss the throwing star game,
a punch game when the kids needed to choose a circle in hopes they would find a turtle egg (Kinger eggs), knock down the bad guys with a turtle hand that shoots things (we eventually used their Nerf guns, pin the mask on Donatello, and who could toss the pizza into the box.  I had prizes (candy) that the kids could choose if they won.

We ate pizza, mac & cheese, a couple veggie trays that were suppose to look like Michelangelo and Raphael and a cracker chip mix.

We sang happy birthday and ate cake then the kids played a bit before it was time for parents to come pick them up, and the ones who stayed left right as we were finished with cake.  We sent the kids home with a mask and some "turtle food".

Calvin had fun, felt loved his friends came, and I was thankful that it concluded birthday week.  So for me that was totally awesome.

It was fun to celebrate my big 7 year old in a special way this year.  I love all that creative energy he has and it is a blessing to do fun things for him.

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