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Judah {Two through Eleven Months}

Judah is our 4th little guy so I guess that is where monthly posts fly out the window.  So here's my attempt to document his first year, picking up with month two.
Two months
13.25# 24 inches long.  He’s around the 70-76% for his age in all of his stats, so he’s a big guy and growing way too quickly.

He has such a sweet smile and he gives them with ease.  He’s started to really coo up a storm these days and loves social interaction.  He’s found his hands and loves them.  They are his preferred toy but has been entertained by a few toys.

Your family has soaked you up this month.  Your brothers are always willing to talk to you and hold you.

Rocking in the chair my mom rocked me in when I was a baby.

His day is pretty predictable and he’s still sleeping like a champ, usually only waking up once a night to eat.

Three Months
This little man has been such a delight.  He was a trooper through all our travels this month.  He spent many nights in different places around the Midwest and did well on his first flight to Washington state. Your hands are still a favorite of yours.  You continue to love being swaddled and surprised us one night in our travels when you slept all the way through the night.  Thanks buddy it was much needed rest.

Four Months
We made the trip across the pond with you this month and you slept on all our flights and really made an easy traveling companion.  You were able to meet several of our friends from all over Central Asia and were welcomed back to a snowy Nineveh.  You weren't a fan of getting into your snowsuit, but you sure slept great on our cold walks all bundled up.  You started rolling over this month, making tummy time a little more fun!  Your sleep this month was a little more varied, due to travel and changes of time zones, but you handled it like a champ.  You smile at anyone who smiles at you and have been so sweet to all the new people who suddenly became part of your world and spoke a language you have never heard.  We were still squeezing you into your 3-6 month clothing but barely.

Five Months
We thought month five of your life we'd finally give you some constant routine, unfortunately we had to travel out of the country to wait on visas, but you remained fairly constant on your naps and only waking once a night.  The Turkish ladies gave you quite the attention, and they were always eager to talk to you or whisk you away if we were out to eat.  Thankfully your love of people still is strong and you're always happy to be held by anyone.  You are sitting up now for a few minutes at a time, but still topple over if you suddenly jerk.  We moved you up to your 6-9 month clothing and transitioned your to a sleep sack, which took a couple of weeks to get used to but you finally gave in.

Six Months
17# this month, extra drooly, still smiling non-stop.  We moved to a new apartment in Istanbul and you enjoyed plenty of time in the Ergo since we didn't like pushing our huge stroller up a monster hill.  You are now sitting up without falling, and still blessing us with your sweet smile.  You had your first taste of baby cereal and are not hesitant when it comes to solids.  This month you figured out that rolling can get you places and you're rolling everywhere.  You've also figured out a little scoot that can get you places as well. This was a big month for you.

Seven Months
After a month of drooling nonstop your teeth finally burst through the surface and within a couple of weeks you had 4 teeth, two on top and two on the bottom.  This month we even moved to a new country for a few weeks while we waiting on visas, you struggled with a cold and teething that interrupted your great sleep patterns, and our exploring a new country also interrupted that as well.  Despite our crazy life you were a champ to quiet down and sleep in the Ergo if we were out.  You were able to taste some new foods this month among your favorites were sweet potatoes, carrots, and peaches, you must love orange things.  We started to offer you some water with your food and you thought that was something pretty special.  You did really well on our long bus ride back home.  You've added a few new sounds to your babble speech and I love hearing you test out those vocal cords with your new sounds. You loved tags on anything, your little woody stuffed animal and your monkey were favorite toys this month.  This month you even figured out how to pull up to a stand in your bed.  You love crawling and getting places that you want.  I was thankful we finally got home and back to your high chair because you started escaping your bumbo chair, which made for very interesting meal times.   You're sleep this month was a little more varied, due to travel and changes of time zones.

Eight Months
This is the first time in your life you have a stable home.  We could not be more excited to have a place to call home for you.  Since we were home I was able to weigh you finally and you tipped the scales at 19 pounds.  You have enjoyed exploring your world and a few new toys that were at home.  You started pulling up on furniture and took off within a couple days to cruising along our furniture.  You love the mirrors in our entryway and give yourself a kiss multiple times a day.  This month you actually received your baths in a proper bathtub rather than a plastic tub and you love them.  you'll squeal and smile and splash to your heart's content.  You are a busy little guy who loves to put anything and everything in your mouth, which means I've been extra attentive to your big brother's toys.

Nine Months
We were on the move again this month, only this time to the states for vacation.  Your love for standing made the flight a little more challenging this time but we tried to get wiggles out as we could and I was thankful for the amount of time you slept on the flight.  All the people you met were your favorite part of the journey and you had a few passengers who would return smiles as you peered between the seatbacks.  Your grandparents just loved getting to know you this month, and you were able to play with cousins and friends.  We explored the grass of Kansas anytime you were outside and weren't deterred by it as your big brother Micah was.  Besides being in the arms of your grandparents on of your favorite things were splash parks.  You are still pretty nervous about swinging on your own, but you love slides, just as long as I don't let go of you.  You figured out how to wave hello and bye- bye this month and you clap whenever you are happy.

Ten Months

We traveled across the pond with you again, and you slept through the entire long flight.  This will be your last flight to nestle into the bassinet in the bulkhead seats because you are 9.7 kg (21#) and the limit is 10kg.  I am so thankful you were under, it made that flight so much easier.  You were a bit fussier this month as your top incisors were coming in.  Once they broke the surface you were again our happy little guy.  Your sleep was a struggle this month, but once we got back home and your body adjusted back you've gone back to your usual once a night feeding. You can stand on your own, but prefer to crawl and have little desire to walk, even holding on to my hands, but figured out how to climb stairs.  You love your little activity table grandpa and grandma T got for you.  We have enjoyed how you bop to the beat of music. You love eating and will try a lot of things.  We let you have a bunch of blueberries while we were in America, you ate more store bought baby food than either of your brothers ever did in one month's time frame.  Cheerios and puffs are also another love of yours, but as we introduce more and more table foods we can see you are going to be a good eater, but you really get excited about cheese and watermelon.  You are such a delight and I am soaking in each feeding time, each tickle, bath time and smile.  I am so thankful for these past 10 months Judah Bug.

Eleven Months
Guess who can reach the table?!  He helped himself to some watermelon while I was doing dishes.

Oh my little monkey.  You figured out how to climb up on our living room chairs, the couch in your room, and the stepping stool this month.  We are trying to dissuade this new found passion, but I'm not sure it's working.  You are in full fledged curiosity mode and it's been tiring keeping up with all that energy.  You love to crawl to the cabinets in the kitchen and open them and explore what is inside even though you know those are the cabinets you are not allowed to open.      You started the month finally taking a couple of steps and then plop down and revert to crawling, but after a week you were off. You started signing the word for more, and you created your own sign for your water cup, which is nice to know what you want. You are no longer eating baby food, but are enjoying the flavors of table food.  You love cheese, watermelon, grapes, carrots, pasta, ground beef but aren't a big fan of chicken.  You finally started sleeping through the night!  I am rejoicing over uninterrupted sleep once again.  You generally up by 6:30 a.m. most mornings and I love your happy squeals after you are feed.  It makes mornings much better.

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