Friday, December 13, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Last minute (like the day before) I volunteered us to decorate our van for trunk or treat.  Marvin was less than thrilled.  (He thinks Halloween is completely weird.  And after we saw a grown man walking around with a napkin taped on his face with eye holes cut out, I can see his point.)

Anyway, our boys love dressing up.  Their current obession is Power Rangers, and I scored some power ranger costumes at a garage sale this fall that they have been living in, so the choice was a no brainer for them of what they wanted to dress up as this year.  Calvin’s the blue power ranger and Micah’s the green power ranger anytime they play.  This has translated into anything that is blue must be Calvin's and anything that is green is Micah’s, so green toys=Micah’s……blue toys=Calvin’s.

So in an effort to “dress up” our van we went with a camping theme.  We made ourselves a little fake fire and roasted some marshmallows while the trick-or-treater came by to get their candy out of our cooler.  It was truly the easiest and simplest set up and no dressing up involved, which thrilled Marvin.

The boys had a blast.  My parents came up and took them around and helped them play all the games, while we handed out candy.  Fun times for all, even Marvin enjoyed himself mainly because he had the opportunity to snuggle with the world's cutest bear all evening.

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