Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Adventures in a Mini Van

We've done a lot of driving during the past 5 months.  It truly has been a sweet time between Marvin and me.  It's given us lots of opportunities to just talk as we've driven a lot while the boys have been sleeping.  

We've also soaked in much of the Kansas landscape that we miss.  I know so many people who go on and on about how boring our home state is, but it holds a special place in our hearts and nothing can beat a Kansas Sunset and we've seen plenty of them.  We love that Big Sky.

On our way back from the respite retreat.  We stopped in Metropolis and found the biggest Superman statue I've ever seen.

We also had a little fun.  We knew the boys would have loved it.

We stopped in to see the St. Louis arch.  It was my first time seeing it.

We've made some good memories through the miles we've driven this year.

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