Saturday, April 20, 2013

What a week

This week has been cloudy, rainy, muddy, cold and just plain dreary in our part of the world, it even snowed.

Our heat was turned off last week so we’ve been freezing since.  We’ve been bundled up, drinking plenty of tea, and I’ve been trying to find more things to bake.  (We have city heating, so we can’t control our heat.)

Being so cold all day long, it’s been very hard to be productive, so Thursday I broke out our electric heater, which has helped me get a few more things done around the

I walked into the living room this week and stepped on this….

It went through my house shoe and went into the arch of my foot and stayed.  I had to pull it out, which was probably the most traumatic part.  OUCH.

I was thankful Micah loves to find my cell phone and usually knows where it is.  He quickly brought it to me and after talking to Marvin, I calmed down a bit.

After multiple meltdowns this week, we instituted a new rule, no candy until family day. Oh my goodness, does sugar turn other people’s children into different people?

We tried our hand at quilling this week, I bought a little kit here, and I read all the instruction in Russian.  I think it's the first craft I have learned how to make in another language.  It was a fun little project.  The actual quilling of the paper was a bit difficult for Calvin to make sure it was staying in a straight row, so he was in charge of glue and for forming our quills into shapes.  He took his job very seriously.  Calvin decided it needed something else and thought about using some markers, but once glitter glue was suggested he thought that was a fabulous idea.  The boy loves those things and I'm thankful we can find them here.

There’s always lots of wrestling in our house, especially when daddy’s home.  Micah is usually the instigator, he’s such a rough and tumble little boy.  It cracks me up how often he'll come charging straight at Calvin ready to take him down.

And this guy. 

Oh my I love him!  His little personality is growing each day and so is his curiosity and capabilities.  Might be one the reasons I sleep well each night.

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Michelle Scarbrough said...

Glitter glue? Where? Do email me!