Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Girl's get-a-way

A few gals and I were able to head out of town on an overnight trip recently.  I had so much fun.

We picked a nicer hotel, which was actually affordable.

The hotel offered a lot of spa services.  As I looked over the list I had to chuckle because Botox was the cheapest option at $10/injection.  We decided to go for the pool instead.

It was relaxing.  They even brought us tea.

We had dinner out without having to cut anyone’s food up.  Or clean up the floor.  Or wash any dishes. Beautiful.

We enjoyed some sweet girl time later in the evening.

The next day we explored a new city.  Which was so cute.  Seriously can’t believe this is only an hour and a half away.

We had fun browsing the line of vendors, stopping to check out jewelry and souvenirs.  I love some of the pottery they sell here.

But not all of it.

And the park…wow.  I want to go back.

It was a refreshing get-a-way.  I’m thankful for the little break and for a great husband who took care of the boys while I was gone.

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