Sunday, April 21, 2013

Celebrating Easter 2013

This year Easter just snuck up on us.  One week it was a month away and next thing we knew we were playing catch up trying to get through our resurrection eggs in time for Easter Sunday.

This year it was filled with less extras, but was so sweet because of it.  At lunch we opened our last resurrection egg and read and talked about what the significance of that empty tomb.  I have loved our conversations with Calvin recently about Jesus.  He’s really starting to get it and ask some good questions.  Now just so you don't think it was a peaceful time, the whole time Micah just kept saying, “pray, pray” getting louder and louder.  The poor boy just wanted to eat.  But I’m thankful that even now Micah’s hearing about resurrection and salvation.

I had some left over shrink wrap covers left over from last year.  So Easter morning I boiled some eggs and Marvin helped the boys wrap some eggs.  It was by far my favorite egg decorating experience.  I just turned on the chai-nik (electric kettle) and made sure the water stayed hot and you should have heard the wows.  They were impressed.  I forgot to bring them to our egg hunt later in the day, so we enjoyed them for lunch that week.

We had an egg hunt at home and Calvin was so excited.  He was literally bouncing off the walls in anticipation.  After each egg Micah found, he would plop himself down, open it up and gobbled up the candy.  He enjoyed the sugar tremendously.

The boys enjoyed a few goodies grandma and grandpa sent.  

When I was busy cooking and Marvin was having his quiet time Micah figured out how to get the package of little chocolate bunnies opened and devoured all of them.  He loves chocolate.

Later in the day we were able to get together with other ex-pats in our area.  It was a sweet time together, we had an egg hunt for the kids, then a worship service together.  Unfortunately by the time our worship service began it was freezing and I had a little boy crashing from his sugar high and ready for bed.

We’re thankful for a reason to celebrate.

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