Thursday, October 18, 2012


Calvin and I had a little chat on his birthday because I decided he’s not allowed to have any more birthdays.  He must remain five forever.  Apparently he thinks my request is a bit ridiculous.

But seriously how on earth did this boy turn 5 already?!?!

Since I can’t stop him from growing I’m going to enjoy these days and savor them.

Looking back over the past year here are a few things about my little Calvinator that I love.

·         The second your eyes are open you are talking and can talk all day long.
·         I love the impromptu songs that come out of your mouth along with some amazing dance moves.  I love how you sing your heart out to our Seeds of Faith CDs in the van.
·         You’re willing to do hard things.  Just watching you adjust to preschool and really thrive there was such a gift.  I’m so thankful that you are willing to learn a new language little man.  I know it’s not easy but you are doing amazing at it.
·         You have a love for learning and I’m praying we can nurture that into a little boy who is always hungry for knowledge.  You love doing school, particularly math and science.  You make me proud.
·         You’re creative and love any chance you get to draw, color, paint, cut, or make something.
·         You spend hours each day building with legos.
·         You love to read.
·         Love to save the world daily.
·         Love tromping around the great outdoors and collecting rocks, sticks, acorns, buckeyes and flowers.
·         You are a great helper cleaning the house and you love to dust and clean the windows, which I’m so grateful for.
·         You’ve started to ask some really good questions about God and already know so many verses from God’s word.
·         You’ve been willing to talk about hard subjects such as death and have had such a sweet perspective of heaven that has blessed me.
·         And yesterday you marveled that your shoes still fit you now that you are five.  Amazing.

Stop growing so quickly please.  I want to enjoy your little squeaky voice a bit longer.

Calvin.  I’m praying the Lord will grow your understanding of him this next year and that you will trust him and serve him the rest of your life.  I thank the Lord for using you to sharpen me.  You are such a gift and it’s a joy is to be your mom.

I love you Calvin.

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