Sunday, October 14, 2012

Capturing Grief {week 2}

Three rings worn daily as a physical reminder that I’m a mom to three boys.

My quiet time space

2 Corinthans 4:16-18

So thankful for our family and friends who surrounded after we lost Seth . 
Some even traveled a ways to be with us. 
Those who were unable to be with us in person have sent countless emails, gifts, and flowers. 
We are blessed.

I will forever be brought back to our time with Seth any time I hear the beeping hospital monitors.  Maybe someday they will not bring tears.

When Seth’s doctor told us they had done everything they could do.  We called Marvin’s parents who were keeping the boys.  We asked them to make the 3 hour drive to bring the boys back to Kansas City.  I needed to get my arms around my boys, I needed to have our family together.

I remember they were both very quiet and glued to each other.  They held each other’s hands as they walked, rarely left each other’s side, and were exceptionally sweet to each other.  At one point they even tackled each other with a huge bear hug.

I felt like it was a picture of a promise from the Lord.  That we were going to travel this road together as a family before the Lord.  It was scary entering a road full of unknowns, but I felt like a reminder that he’d hold our hand each step of the way. 

We are not alone on this road of losing a child.


Catherine said...

Those rings are beautiful! Thinking of you this month.

Becky said...

Getting caught up on your blog, Erica. I love your rings....what an awesome idea! Lifting you all up......