Monday, November 24, 2008

Ready or not this week's already here

Why do weekends go by so quickly? We had a great weekend and I just love it when Marvin's home, but I am glad this is a short work week for him. This weekend we were able to go watch our nephew's state championship football game. I was a bit nervous how Calvin would do, I don't know why but I always think he is going to melt or something. He did great, even despite the fact that it started right during his morning nap and he didn't nap at all the brief car ride to the game like we hoped he would, but he did great just watching the game. At half time we grabbed the stroller, wrapped a blanket around him and attached the rain cover to block the wind. (I absolutely love our stroller, Maclaren's are awesome!) He was out within a minute of strolling, and slept right through the end of the game and all the celebrating afterwards, our nephew's team won, yeah! He only woke up when we had to put him in his car seat and he wasn't too thrilled about that.

He does so great with all this traveling we have to do. I hope he does well this holiday whirlwind trip we have coming up. We are off to my parent's late Wednesday, on Friday we head to Marvin's parents, then Saturday we head to Colorado, and Sunday we drive home. That's a lot of car time for a boy who likes to move. It may take us a while, but we'll get there. Despite all that car time I'm looking forward to seeing family. My little sister is moving to NC the day after Thanksgiving, so she won't be around like she has. It's a bummer for us, but we are glad she found a job.

I have a long list of things to do this week, several things I'd like to bake for the trip, plus I bought a Turkey and I need to cook that before we leave. (I couldn't resist buying cheap meat, so it looks like we'll be having a lot of turkey dishes in December, yum.)

Here is what we'll be having this week:
Monday-Crockpot Beef & Lentil Soup (NEW RECIPE) w/ HM Rolls & apple sauce

Tuesday-Buttermilk Berry Pancakes & Sausage Patties, maybe hash browns

Wednesday-Leftovers or Turkey sandwiches

Thursday-Bringing 3 pies: apple, cherry & pumpkin

Friday-Bringing Fresh Green Beans

Saturday-On the Road-I'm bringing some Pumpkin Apple Muffins (a friend posted the recipe and it sounds delicious), trail mix, apples & PBJ sandwiches, but we'll probably stop and let our little guy move a bit, but I'd rather feed him in the car so that when we stop he can move as much as possible. I never thought I'd want him to eat in the car, but feeding him takes up some time where he isn't completely bored.

Sunday-Lunch is being provided for us, but hopefully we can find a good place to stop on the way home.

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