Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So yesterday I mentioned there was a sale at goodwill, everything was 50% off for 2 hours. I picked Marvin up from work and dropped the boys off at home and made a mad dash there. 30 minutes later I walked out of the store with the following: 3 Shirts for Marvin, 1 shirt for Calvin, 2 skirts, 1 pair of pants, 4 long sleeve shirts, 2 short sleeved shirts, and a fleece pullover. I got all of this for $23.05. I am sure if I had more time I could have found some other great finds, I'm pretty particular and my rule is I don't buy it unless I would have bought it for full price. So I carefully inspect the quality and look them over for any stains etc. I was so excited for all my great buys. Now I have a little more variety, sweet.

Last night was rough without the pacifier. As I type Calvin is crying and so tired. I am torn between going in there all the time and just letting him try to calm himself. I hope he learns quickly, the poor guy was exhausted this morning. I think the only reason he woke up is because he was hungry. Poor guy, well he's been crying for a while so I better go.


Marie said...

Does he have a little lovie or something in there? Celia has this little blanket with a bear head/arms that she sleeps with. It replaced her binky.

Hang in there Erica! You can do it...

Nice job on the goodwill! I should go see if I can find some pants for Addison. She is rocking the high waters right now..

Marvin, Erica and Calvin said...

I've tried to get him to snuggle with a couple of things, but so far he hasn't taken to them. This afternoon I gave up and rocked him to sleep. I just have to keep telling myself that this is only temporary.