Saturday, January 27, 2007

Watch out for falling Trees

I was on my way to language last week and experienced a slight delay. The city decided it was time to trim the trees by the market. It was an interesting process because half of the street was blocked off by the truck lifting the guys with chain saws in the air, but nothing was blocked off people were still walking on the sidewalks like normal, dodging falling branches and getting sprinkled by wood chips. I decided it would be a best if I waited a bit before walking through the snowing woodchips. I observed something you would never find in the States. The guys were literally between the lines, and a branch got stuck on the line, so what did they do? They just shook the line until the branch fell off. As amuzed as I was I need to get to language so I closed my eyes and walked straight through the falling wood chips.

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Carrie F. said...

Holy Cow!! That is CRAZY!!