Monday, January 08, 2007

Our Hot Water Woes

Meet our Hot Water Heater! We have a little love/hate relationship with this thing, and Marvin has become very familiar with it. First I have to tell you what an amazing plumber and husband Marvin is, because we wouldn't have hot water right now if he hadn't taken apart the pipes of this thing and gotten all the rocks out of it. Right now we have a lot of pressure at our house and our hot water heater is cleaned out which leads to two beautiful words, HOT WATER!!!

It is amazing at how a hot SHOWER will make my day. I seriously feel like a queen! We have learned the art of bath in a bowl. Boiling water and pouring into a tub inside a bathtub and then pouring the water over yourself, but for the time being I will cherish every hot shower I can get!
Marvin was laughing about how I always would hope there would be hot water everynight when I went to take a shower. After about 5 minutes of being in the bathroom trying to get hot water I would walk out to get the water that I boiled, just in case I needed it, and I would have this glare of irritability on my face. We had a good laugh about this and we both agree I am much more pleasant after a hot shower.

The good news is I have had to confront my attitute about hot water this last year. It is funny how as an American I expect things to go a certain way and if they don't I get frustrated or grumpy, as in my case with hot water. This past year I came head on with my sense of entitlement i.e. that I was entitled to a hot shower, a washing machine, space on public transportation, etc. I had a good hard look around me to see how people live here and my eyes were opened to the fact that hot water comes and goes and locals don't blink an eye, women wash clothing for their family of 6 by hand, while waiting on a ride home I see people who are tired and want to get home as much as I do. To make a long story short I have learned that a hot shower is not necessary and that my "standard of living" based off of America isn't a right, but it is a priveldge. So everytime I get a hot shower I feel like it is a gift from above.


annaelyse said...

although those lessons aren't so fun to learn, what a privlage you have to be able to fully rejoice when you're given things most of us expect. Thinking about you guys! (by the way, you're beautiful in your christmas pic!!!)-anna

Carrie F. said...

Great post...really puts into perspective the things we take for granted and feel we are entitled to on a daily basis. Thanks for the reminder that all those little things are really blessings from above.

Kelley said...

Good words.