Monday, January 08, 2007

The Hill

Marvin took these pictures from his favorite spot in the village where we live. It is a hill that is near a creek that divides the village. When it was warmer Marvin would go up to this hill and read and a local shepherd would sometimes sit down beside him while his sheep grazed. Ever since finding it Marvin couldn’t wait to sled down it, now we have the snow, all we need now is to find a sled that is big enough to hold us!
The buildings in the background is our booming metropolis, as you can see the city isn't that big.

This picture is looking out over the village we live in.
Those are sled tracks that you can see in the snow. Sleds are the winter bicycle here of our area. It is very common to see children walking down the street pulling someone in there sled.

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