Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year

We had a pretty quite New Years evening, Marvin took in a football game and basketball game that my parents sent to us. I worked on finishing our scrapbook, and intermittently the neighborhood children would knock on our door. They were dressed up in costumes and wanted money or sweets. Unfortunately we did learn of this tradition until the day before, so we didn’t have time to get any sweets prepared. As midnight drew closer we turned on the television to check out what was going on in our part of the world. We came across our country’s version of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve Special. It was pretty fun watching something that was a familiar, but with all of this culture’s twists. Then midnight hit and booms were heard all around us, so we ran upstairs to take in the fireworks. We would have loved to take a picture but our camera isn’t that great at night shots, so let me explain.

We could see little bits of color everywhere lighting up the sky all throughout our village and town. (It was such a clear night that we could see a long way.) This totally beats the 4th of July fireworks hands down because they were going off all over the place at the same time. We could also see the big city fireworks display. This lasted about 15 minutes and then our neighbors started shooting off some big stuff. It was fun to be able to watch all of the celebrations from our upstairs windows. The neighborhood boys were in heaven as they enjoyed lighting things that explode for hours.

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