Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Year 2: Drew

This guy has truly been the sweetest little one.  He's such a flexible guy, he truly rolls with our crazy schedule most of the time.  We are so thankful for that.

His personality has really shone through this year.  He's got quite a goofy side to him.  His favorite way to get a laugh is saying "shake your booty." It first started with "booty, booty".  (This is thanks to a singing card one of the boys got for the birthday that was well loved and well played.)

He's quite obsessed with balls and rocks or anything he can throw.  He can kick a ball for hours and be the happiest kid in the world.  His feet prefer to be on the ground, but after a lot of encouragement he also enjoys the slide.

A cautious one for sure.  This is new territory for us, as we've never had a child who knew fear.

He finally started sleeping through the night right as we went to the states, and dropped down to one nap a day.  He needed a few nights to cry it out, and we didn't think our neighbors would enjoy noise also in the middle of the night.

I am thankful for a full night of sleep it feels so good to sleep all night long.  He still loves his thumb, especially as he gets tired.

He loves to curl up with a book, and follow Judah around, he's figured out how to play with the big boys, so you'll often find him with a sword or Nerf gun in his hand.

Thankfully his eating habits have improved, and he's increased the number of foods he will eat, but at times he's still pretty finicky.  At two his favorites are: lunch meat, cheese, cucumbers, yogurt, and he loves almost all fruit.  What turns him into crazy toddler is candy and juice, so we make sure they are far from him.  To avoid any meltdowns.

One thing Drew dislikes is when his hands get dirty, it paralyzes him,  Seriously.  Breakfast is a test of my patience, if a drop of yogurt gets on his hand or even the table he'll screech until it's wiped up.

Even with a few of his quirks, I am so grateful for this 5th blessing in our lives.  He's a sweet, sweet gift from the Lord and I rejoice in how he was made and look forward to seeing what this year holds.

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