Sunday, August 13, 2017

Judah's 3rd birthday party

Judah is a sports lover and the kid has some amazing coordination.  So despite having a ball party for his 2nd party we repeated the theme and threw in a few more of his beloved sports.

Here we are setting up for the party.  A baseball table
And a football table.  And some baseball décor.

 An Allstar party would not be complete without a concession stand.
We played a few games outside.
First up we did a little target practice for points

 A round of putt putt, made more challenging by our less than smooth surface.
 Beach towel volleyball, and hammer throw of our hippity hop. It was a great time.
 Once this guy found that the golf club was no longer being used it was in his hands the rest of the game time.
 Our little All Star loved all the fun.
We are so thankful we got to share his birthday with dear friends.

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