Friday, August 11, 2017

One Year Old Drew

How quickly a year goes by.  It's mind boggling how the days....and nights feel so long when you are in it, but then suddenly a year has passed.

Drew is such a delightful baby.  Super snuggler, which warms his mama's heart.  But he's really a daddy's boy.

He finally took off walking at 11 months.  He took his first steps around 10 months but he's a cautious one and wouldn't take off on his own until he felt fully confident in his new skill.

Eating has been a challenge and nurses more than the average 1 year old but it's nourishing him, and he's growing.  He'll eat yogurt, cheerios and bananas, apple sauce and occasionally bread.  An area he needs to grow in this coming year.

Sleeping is still another area that he's still working on.  He naps like a champ, twice a day and he's ready for those but he's still waking up twice a night to nurse.  I'm hoping once he embraces solids that will change.  We moved him to the living room to see if he'll start sleeping better, so he's officially out of our room half the night.

He's making me an early riser, and loves his quiet play time with just Mommy at 5:00 a.m.  I'm grateful for the time and memories of our early mornings.

He loves his big brothers.  He's developed a special bond with each of them, but we like to call Micah the baby whisperer, and Drew especially loves the attention Micah gives him.

He tolerates books, I'm hoping this will grow more this next year, but loves balls, and enjoys swinging on the playground.

He's really an easy going guy and it's an incredible honor to be his mama and for all these memories we have made his first year of life.

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