Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Monster Quilt

Well I started this quilt in May and finally finished it, actually I started it in December and the stripes were already done, thanks to my sister’s help while we were in the states, but I was uncertain about what I wanted to add to it. 

Originally I wanted to add an alligator but thought that might be a bit to babyish.  So when I spotted a monster quilt on pinterest I knew this was the way to go.

Like all projects I was very excited at the start and quickly drew and cut out all the monsters and ironed them on.  But it’s the finishing work that gets me every time.  I knew if I wanted it to last I had to stitch around each of those pieces of the monster.  That’s a lot of stitching.  I did most of it by machine but embroidered the mouths and a few of the eyes.

It wasn’t hard I have just been so tired and have had little energy to tackle it in my rare spare time.  I decided I was tired of seeing it collecting dust, and fishing batting out of Judah's mouth, so during Calvin’s fall break I spend Judah’s morning nap and his afternoon finishing it up.

Micah was pretty excited his monster quilt was finally finished.  He was pretty concerned as I added pins to put the binding on.  He told me that he couldn’t sleep on it with pins in it.  He was happy to know I planned to take them out as soon as the thread sewed it together.

It was a fun project and I have a happy little 4 year old who loves snuggling under his monster blanket each night.

Now all that is left in their room is to sew some bed skirts to hide the suitcases under their beds.  I think it will clean the space up a bit, and hopefully help their room look a little less chaotic.  Maybe wishful thinking…..we shall see.

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DeWeese Fam of Four said...

That is beautiful and perfectly fun & funky for a boy. Great job!!!!