Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nesting {After Losing a Baby}

Nesting….it’s an innate maternal instinct.  I’ve fought it with this little guy, and yet it keeps persisting.  So after crying out to the Lord decided it was time to prepare a little for this little guy’s arrival and it’s been fun to replace some of those fears with excitement for this little man that we are very much looking forward to meeting.

So I now have a dresser full of baby clothes that are washed and folded (thank you so much Jen).

There are a few diapers and wipes ready to go in the changing table.

The little guy has a bed set up, with new sheets I whipped up.

I picked out fabric for his baby quilt.

And whipped one up.  I love how it turned out.

But it’s been a battle to get this far.  I have not let all of my fears disappear, and it shows in the little details of nesting….The diapers are still in the package, just in case we have to return them.  I’ve held off on some purchases because I’m not certain we’ll need them.

There is always a plan B floating through my mind with those items I’ve made. 

When packing the hospital bag, my number one priority was to get a little outfit in it ASAP, not anticipating leaving the hospital (a nice perk that I’m praying we get to do this time), but primarily because I wished I would have had something to dress Seth in as we held him for the first and last time at the hospital.  Plan B.

So as we get closer to this little man’s due date my prayer is that the Lord will give me peace about his perfect plan for his life.  We’re already thankful how he’s knit him into our family.

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Sherry said...

That quilt Erica Dawn! I love it. Praying for peace and continued excitement as the little man gets closer. Praising with you on a good dr report. Love you!