Monday, March 18, 2013


We've had some long weeks with Micah lately.  He's been extra curious, and his new found door opening skills have kept us on our toes.  He feels pretty confident in his pouring abilities, which means he'll try to get himself a drink, when we're not looking or occupied.  There are days I feel like I just clean up after his curiosity and discipline him, which I hate.
Post fingernail clipping, if you can't you tell he's not a fan.  He'll walk around with his hands in fists for a good 45 minutes or lay down with his hands underneath him.  I think he inherited his dislike for getting his fingernails cut from me.

We try to hit the park once a week when Calvin's at school.  He loves it, until the other kids get there and let's just say he's getting pretty good at yelling the word for mine in the local language.  He's not shy to push or throw things at other kids, lay down on the slide so no one else can use it, etc.  Thankfully we usually have a few minutes before all the other kids start showing up, which gives me a few minutes to enjoy him playing.

Last week we had a particularly rough day.  We met a friend at the park.  Micah kept running to the parking lot or going to the sidewalk, which is close to a busy street, so eventually I just put him in his car seat in the car and decided it wasn't worth it and left early.  We went to pick up Calvin from preschool and he threw a monster tantrum there, and lately anytime we get to our door he feels like he needs to be the one who opens the door and because he doesn't know how to unlock to the door, another epic tantrum begins.

Later that day I noticed a friend had posted this link on facebook.  It was just what I needed to hear, because Micah is not the good kid.  He pushes his limits every single time.  He likes to do things his way.  I feel judging eyes staring me down daily.  Just today he melted as we got out of the car to pick up Calvin from preschool because we couldn't find a tiny little piece of a toy he dropped.  He calmed down a bit once we got to Calvin's classroom, but quickly went back to his uncontrollable fit when I removed him from on top of a table.  Due to Calvin having to get dressed he was screaming for a good 20 minutes before we got back to the vehicle.

I keep reminding myself that all this strong will of his is a good thing and praying the Lord grows him into a man after his own heart.

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Susan said...

Did you mean to put "Micah's" name in place of "Leah's" and "he" instead of "she"? She is older than Micah and yet we battle these issues daily. Wish we were closer where we could offer support to each other. Parenting is incredibly humbling and there are times I feel like I am a worse parent than I was 9 years ago:(