Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Soul Food

I decided that there should be a new definition for the word soul food. We are not talking down home southern cooking, but food that perks your mood. We were so thankful that we were in a place where we could find some "soul food" this past weekend. For us it meant McDonalds, Sabaros, Chinese food, and a fat juicy restaurant burger at TGI Fridays. We also had to make some difficult decisions this past weekend: cheesecake or Baskin Robin’s Ice Cream. (Just so you know cheesecake won, it was the real deal too. Not this stuff they call cheesecake where we are from.)

It was also fun to find a bit of home in Moscow. We will admit that we ate at TGI Friday’s twice while we were in Moscow, things that good are hard to pass up. But during our second trip we noticed a bit of home right beside our table, a Kansas Flag. It was the only flag in the whole restaurant. It is so neat to see how father touches us with these little gifts. PTL.

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