Saturday, February 17, 2007


The last few weeks have to be described by nothing else but pure craziness, lots of things that we were looking forward to have crumbled. This is how our world has felt like, imagine you are around 6 or 7 years old and you just built this rockin’ structure out of blocks and you were really excited to show your mom and dad then a bully came and started pushing one block off at a time and then finally, kicked the tower over, spreading your blocks all over the place, some are now laying across the room, under the couch, etc. Well that is how I am feeling like right now. All of the stress and disappointment has knocked me over today. It’s been a weepy day.

I will begin by the order in which they occurred:
First we found out that a meeting that was planned in August won’t be happening. This isn’t that big of deal, but August is a month of misery in Nineveh due to my allergies, so we were looking forward to getting out of the country for a little respite and now that no longer will happen.

Secondly we found out we have to move pretty soon, we have less than a month to figure out where we are going to live, it’s a good thing that people don’t plan much more than a month in advance where we live. When we moved into the fortress we knew it was a temporary thing, but this latest change threw us for a loop. We have to move so that another family can move into our house, and then when they go back to the states this summer we move back in to the fortress. We were a bit disappointed, but understand the reasoning behind the decision that was made about us moving. Being in transition for that long is something that we aren’t looking forward to. I think it is harder for me than Marvin because as a woman I feel this sense of importance of setting up a home for our family, and right now looking at the next 8 months I can’t see it as a place we can call home. In a little way I feel like I can understand how the women must have been thinking as they were wandering around in the desert.

Finally the one that broke the camel’s back, Marvin’s brother was planning on visiting us and so we decided to take a little vacation and meet him in Moscow before John came to Nineveh. So we got on a train and spent a few days traveling to meet him in Moscow. Once we got to Moscow we were waiting at another train station, making our way to the airport when John called us and told us they wouldn’t let him get on the plane because his passport would never get through customs in Europe. So he had to get a new passport and obviously since it was new it didn’t include a visa to our country, so his trip had to be canceled.

So after all of this stress I am pretty bummed and a bit homesick, and asking for a better understanding of all of these events that have just unraveled. Many people who know me know that I am a bit of an idealist and when I am looking forward to things it is hard when they don’t turn out.

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Anonymous said...

It is so refreshing to hear your hearts being honest about life and disappointment. Thanks for letting me see that tender part of you both. It is ok and good to grieve...and to be stirred with a longing for home (heavenly & earthly). I sure love you both!

Todd Stewart