Monday, July 27, 2015

Favorite Park

One thing we love about Turkey is how much they love children.  It's always a joy to get to take our kids to playgrounds.

Goztepe Park is one of our favorites, and they've made it even better recently.  They added a fountain kids can play in, it also is a fountain show and have been told it is lit up at night, as well as added new playground equipment.

We love the green space, flowers and how much attention to detail they add to their parks.  It's beauty refreshes my soul.

 Of course they have some amazing equipment too.
 My little monkeys loved this thing.
 And our Judah bug loved this bug.
It's fun to see how they tie in the city to their playgrounds. This bridge looks just like one of the two bridges that connect Europe to Asia.
I'm not sure how we didn't take any pictures of the boys on the ziplines, which were their favorite part.  If you are ever in Istanbul I'd highly recommend this park, and if you bring your own picnic lunch it makes the day even better.

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