Monday, July 27, 2015

Father's Day Fun

The boys and I worked on a little project for Marvin this year.  His little book turned out great.

After church, which we shockingly made it on time for our first outing with 4 kids, we stopped at Carl's Jr. for lunch, because it was close and a safe option.

Then we decided to brave our first park outing with our 4 boys. The boys have been begging to go back to our favorite park and see if the fountains were working.

We knew they'd be majorly disappointed if they weren't working, but a couple of ladies at church said that they took their kids the day before, so we felt like the odds were in our favor.

And they were!

They had so much fun.  Judah was a bit intimidated by the inner circle.  He found a little spout that didn't spray as high and enjoyed playing in it.  His big brothers however had the time of their lives playing in the larger fountains.

It was great.  Fun to watch them laugh and just enjoy being together as a family and celebrate 

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