Friday, July 26, 2013

Parks of Prague

Marvin was busy all day in class for 4 days of our vacation so the boys and I explored some amazing parks in Prague. 

Oh my goodness I had some serious park envy.  I love the park culture of overseas life.  Honestly it's been sad seeing these beautiful parks in the states deserted, no one playing in them.  I love how they are gathering points for moms, grandmas, nannies, etc.  Living in apartments it's so nice to have spaces to let the kids run around, and honestly walks are expected part of being a little kid.  There are times I would love to have my own little back yard playground, but love the social element of engaging with neighbors at the park multiple times a week.

Petrin Park (top of the hill)

Petrin Park bottom of the hill

My favorite park in our city is about a 20-25 minute walk from our house that has been such a blessing and break from our usual park we frequent the most, but oh my goodness these parks had some pretty fabulous equipment.

Just look at it.  My monkeys were in heaven.

Petrin Park (Top of the hill)

 Petrin Park (Bottom of the hill)

In the middle of a francisan garden

We thought these were pretty fun bikes

Children's Island Park
 The water fountain was a big hit with Calvin, despite how cool it was that day.
It was nice how this park separated the big kid stuff from the preschool toddler areas.

It was on a little island, which added to the fun factor.

And it had a pirate ship, which made both my pirate loving little boys happy.

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