Monday, October 17, 2011

The Zone

I just realized I never posted this.  Here's a little peek into the end of our summer.

We live near the border and there are certain places you can only access with a special border zone pass. This year our family was able to get passes, unfortunately we haven't been able to use them like we thought.

A couple months ago Marvin went hunting for some good camping spots in the zone. Unfortunately he discovered you need a better vehicle to travel very far into the zone. Since the only one we know with this type of vehicle recently fell into this river with it, we were out of luck.

Marvin also discovered we have some pine forests in our area. The majority of our mountains are pretty rugged with lots of rock and cliffs, so this was a fun surprise.

He saw some paragliders.

Made it up to an old campsite.

Our backdoor is pretty spectacular.

You should visit!

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