Sunday, September 18, 2011


Micah's one month shy of a year, somebody please help me stop time! My baby is turning into a toddler. I'm going to savor this last month I have while Micah's still zero, in Calvin's words.

He's such a curious little guy, and he certainly keeps me on my toes. This past month he's figured out how to climb stairs and it's one of his favorite activities.

He's outsmarted our "gates" and figured out how to climb on top of our barriers. He can open the doors to our balcony if they aren't latched, and our trashcan has found a new home on top of our counter.

Micah's started to enjoy playing with cars, which his brother loves.

We get many more smiles out of him in our quiet home but is very stone faced around lots of people and out in public places. Since his brother started school he started jabbering up a storm, I guess he just needed a chance to talk.

He says Mama and some rendition of more. He'll sign please, more and all done. He also started waving bye-bye.

He has 6 teeth, with one more almost through the surface. I've given up on our little finger toothbrush and now use a regular brush with him. I love how he giggles as I brush his teeth and gums.

He's been very fussy this month with both a cold and new teeth coming in. He's spent lots of time in my arms and in the Ergo while I do housework. My squirmy guy loves snuggles throughout the day despite how active he is.

Sleeping has been challenging this month. He's been waking up often during the night. Many times not going back to sleep for several hours, with lots of crying which is the worst in the middle of the night. It's been an exhausting month; I'm ready for these teeth to make their debut.

Our bed is his favorite place to play, EVER. I love watching him smile as he crawls away. He loves lying in the pillows too, and then he'll come and tackle you with his kisses.

He's also started doing a little pouting. I'm sure I won't love it in a few months but right now it's pretty cute. When I take something away or tell him no, he puts on his pouty face and lays his head on the ground. He has a pretty tender heart and a simple no can bring tears of disappointment.

Our little chunker is now 23.4 lbs and is growing like a weed, he's currently is ##inches. I had to break out his 18 month clothes due to needing a few warmer options and some pjs that fit him better, I'm amazed at how well some of the things fit him.

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