Monday, November 08, 2010

my little Traveling buddy

Micah had his first international flight just 2 weeks after he was born.  We had to leave the country to renew my visa and to get a visa for Micah (our life is never boring).  Thankfully we were able to find a good cheap flight to Bulgaria that only required an overnight stay.  I contacted some friends of friends who live in the country and they were able to recommend a place to stay and give me some info on how to get to and from the airport.  This was such a blessing because this little trip was planned 2 days before I went.

I was a little nervous flying solo with our tiny little man, but he was a such a great little traveler.  While I was waiting for my flight I bumped into some other expats on my flight and out of all the people who could have possibly have been traveling that day we made the connection that we had some common acquaintances.  They had a friend picking them up from the airport and I just climbed right in and they took me to the hotel and picked me up the next morning at 6:00 a.m. to take me back to the airport. 

Now they didn't stop there, we stopped by a grocery store so I could pick up some pig meat to take back with me.  While we were at the grocery store my attention was directed to the beverage selection they have available. Seriously before my eyes stood several cans of Dr. Pepper, it was delicious and a great way to start a very early day after very little sleep.

Unfortunately these were the only two photos I took during this short trip.  It was dark when we landed and foggy when we took off the next morning.  So I got a night glimpse of Sofia, I hope visit someday again and next time see more of the country.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, so as a Dr. Pepper addict (I'm gonna try to quit in December!), I can COMPLETELY relate to your taking this picture. You made me laugh! Glad that your trip went well -- and I don't think I've let you know just how CUTE I think Micah is. :0)

Cousin Becky :0)