Tuesday, November 16, 2010

bosphorus birthday

We started off touring after taking a Sabbath to let his parents recover from the trip. We took a 4 hour cruise up and back down the Bosphorus. It was such a relaxing little trip and was the first time Marvin or I had ventured that far up the Bosporus. The boat docked for a few hours just shy of the Black Sea. There was an old fortress on top of the hill and we hiked up to the top, it was a little initiation to Istanbul's hills. Thankfully we all made it up and back down before the boat left.

Love the Bosphorus bridges!
where the Bosphorus leads to the Black Sea

Lots of cute little neighborhoods along the shore
Once we finally made it home we ordered Turkish food, oh how I am going to miss ordering food online and having it delivered quickly to my door on days I don't feel like cooking. I baked a cake in the morning and Calvin helped me decorate it with sprinkles. You can't quite tell but he made a nice little sprinkle pile in the middle of the cake. (Can you guess what piece Calvin wanted?) We had fun with our little birthday celebration and Calvin is still singing Happy Birthday to Grandma. What a treat to be able to be together on her birthday.

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